Traditional music fromthe UK and beyond




Does The band come with a caller: Yes, we call all the dances and where necessary, demonstrate specific steps and moves.

Does The band have its own PA system: Yes, we use a pair of Bose L1 linear array systems.

Do we need to be experienced dancers: No - you'll probably have more fun if you're not - but if you are dancers you can be sure to learn some dances and steps you will not have encountered before.

How big a venue do we need: It really depends upon the type of event, it's better to contact us with the type of event and we'll advise you on the size of venue or how many tickets you need to sell for a given event and venue

Can we provide background music during breaks: Yes, either of our choice, or yours if you provide an MP3 player with your choice of music on it


Organising your Ock'n'Dough event

With so many years experience of playing at and organising events from festivals, concerts, sessions, parties and weddings it should come as no surprise that we can offer lots of advice to help to decide how to proceed with your event and indeed if Ock'n'Dough are the right band for you.

Provide us with a venue, an audience and refreshments and by and large we'll do the rest to ensure everybody has an enjoyable event.