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Traditional music from England, Latvia and Louisiana

The worlds only Anglo-Latvian Zydecajun Ceilidh Band


Doughboy Three

Doughboy Three

We've been asked on numerous occasions to provide a smaller line-up for pub/restaurant gigs. Dace and Bob had been performing locally around Northamptonshire as the Rambling Fishers for some time, Robin was the obvious missing link!

Doughboy Three [3] takes the strings, vocals and percussion from the 5 piece Ock'n'Dough & Doughboy Zydecajun sound and presents a mix of English and American songs and tunes mildly flavoured with Cajun sauce and a whole bunch of humour, repartee and enthusiasm.

As a taster we've been into the wonderful Rooksmere Studios with Mark Hutchinson to make a few demo tracks

St James Informary Blues - Cab Calloway meets Cecil Sharp

Pouring Water on a Drowning Man - swamp pop meets soul legend James Carr

The Lovers Waltz - the great tune by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason

Across The Western Ocean - is a song about the emigration from Ireland to America mixed with a couple of verses regarding the 1840's gold rush, from the singing of Pete Coe

"Buddy can you spare a dime", recorded at a Wildfire Session by Stevie Jones in the Artechoke at Moulton, Northants